24. August 2023

The TT scale model railroad layouts for Faszination Modellbau 2023 present themselves

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau FN2023 Spur TT TT Modellbahn Freunde Weimar 02 uai

TT gauge: Berk’sche Bimmelbahn – Kranichfeld-Bad Berka section

The theme of the layout is the railroad line Weimar – Kranichfeld in Thuringia. Built from 1886 to 1888, the line experienced an eventful history and is indispensable in the Weimarer Land.

The ride starts at Tannroda station. The passenger train brings mainly students from Bad Berka to Kranichfeld. Arriving at the Kranichfeld dead-end station, the real work begins for the locomotive crew. This means that after the passengers have disembarked, they are shifted. In the best case, a second locomotive is available. So uncouple the previous train locomotive, couple the new locomotive at the other end.
In GDR Reichsbahn times, the most important locomotive was the BR110 and its subspecies. But other typical Reichsbahn locomotives also run on the layout, such as the Ferkeltaxe, V60 and V36. Steam locomotives could also be found on the line. The most important locomotive is the BR 58, it shares with BR86, BR56 and BR92 the transportation of goods and passengers on the Berk’s Bimmelbahn.

Operator: TT-Modellbahn-Freunde Weimar, Mr. Ronald Jansig, D-994236 Weimar
Plant size: 9 x 5 m