1. February 2022

The Ramborators are back!

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Spectators love to watch the battle of the Ramborators on the water. Two teams try to burst the balloons at the stern of the other team’s boats. Sometimes it’s all against one. And then in the blink of an eye the tide turns and the hunters who thought themselves safe become the hunted, and must try to save his precious (balloon) cargo. This spectacle should definitely not be missed.

In cooperation with the editorial office of ModellWerft magazine, the boat pool will for the first time host a tug match with Ramborator models. These models are ideal for demonstrations of skill and even for playing water polo – and this is just what is planned on the boat pool at the Friedrichshafen show.

Springer tugs operate as push boats on American rivers, where they are employed for transport tasks and manoeuvring other vessels. They are quick and easy to build. As the models are also really easy to build and run, springer tug matches have become very popular in England and the US. The rules are simple, and only define the actual hull, power system and rudder, with the aim of ensuring close competition. And now this trend has caught on in Germany. These boats are a good choice for tests of skill, but they are also used to play team games of water polo. The models are always fitted out with simple equipment, and the Ramborator satisfies all requirements. It can be ready for the water after just a few hours of construction. Aeronaut’s Ramborator can be bought as a kit which includes fittings that help to produce an attractive semi-scale model. Half a dozen ready-made models will be showing off their skills on the pool in Friedrichshafen.




approx. 1,5kg

max. 7,2 V NiMH (6 cells)

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau csm schiffsmodellbau 20 5720eb4020 scaled uai