20. September 2023

The ramborators are loose!

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This goes down well with visitors: the ramborator battle on the water. Two teams try to stab each other’s balloons at the stern of the ships. Sometimes it’s a case of all for one. And already the tide is turning! Whoever was the pursuer a moment ago and thought he was safely outnumbered becomes the hunted in the blink of an eye, who must try to save his valuable (balloon) cargo. This spectacle is definitely not to be missed.

Together with the editorial staff of the trade magazine ModellWerft, a tug match with Ramporator models will be held on the water basin. This model is ideal for skill races and water polo matches – and that is exactly what is planned for the water pool in Friedrichshafen.
The Springer Tugs operate on American rivers as pushboats and perform transport and bowser duties. They are built very simply and quickly. Since they can also be kept and built very simple as models, Springer Tug matches with these models developed in England and America. Simple rules were established. Only the actual hull, propulsion and rudder are regulated to ensure equal opportunities. Now this wave is also spilling over into Germany. These models can be used for skill courses, but also to play “water polo” with teams. Therefore, the models are kept simple by the equipment. The model complies with these rules. The model is ready to run in just a few hours.

With the hardware set already included, a visually appealing semi-scale model can also be built.

The Ramborator is offered by Aeronaut as a kit. On the water basin, however, half a dozen ready-built models will be waiting for their turn.

Technical data



approx. 1,5kg

max. 7.2 V NiMH (6 cells)

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