24. August 2023

The N scale model railroad plants introduce themselves

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau FN2023 Spur N Die 160er Modellbahn 01 scaled uai

N-gauge: Narrow Gauge and Standard Gauge Complement Each Other

Over time we have made more than 200 modules and will bring our favorite ones to the show. All modules are in 1:160 scale, hence our club name “The160s”. When a train travels along our entire built-up single and double track, it covers more than 120 meters.

On our layout there are several stations on which trains with prototypical train lengths have space. Even with the two-part Reiljet, the little prizewinners can comfortably get on and off at the platform.

On the track on the way there are many details to admire on our modules. At our wind turbine (our contribution to environmental protection), the dinosaur park, the historic mill and the never-tiring folk dancers, visitors can trigger acoustic effects by pressing a button.

Furthermore, there is also a bridge with three-rail track on the single-track line (Our contribution against too much soil sealing). Here, in addition to the standard gauge, the narrow-gauge railroad (gauge Nm) runs with passenger service to a small village with a bus connection. In addition, ballast is transferred from the narrow gauge to the standard gauge cars on this line.

So that the Preiserleins are not afraid in the evening, many of our modules are also illuminated.

Operator: Die 160er Modellbahn in Spur N, Mr. Wolfgang Kahofer, Austria-3003 Gablitz
Plant size: 20 x 8 m

N Gauge: Holiday in Liguria

The layout theme is based on a single-track electrified seaside main line and a branch line with stub track that runs on diesel. The model is the Ligurian coast, in particular the single-track main line Genoa – Ventimiglia and Cinque Terre. The epochs IV to VI are represented. Most of it is self-made: Catenary, houses, trees, ships, beach chairs, etc.

The viewer is first fascinated by the beautiful long trains that roll along above the seafront. But then there are so many endearing scenes to discover, telling of the lives of locals and guests, that you almost disregard the railroad. One more attraction are the moving cars in N gauge.

A wireless audio guide headset is available for visitors to borrow and guides them through each scene in the facility.

Günztal-Museumsbahn-Verein, Dieter Eggensberger, 87700 Memmingen

Plant size:
3 x 0.6 m