22. January 2024

Steam on the rail, track system 5 and 7 ¼ inches

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau csm Bild Dampf auf der Schiene Gleisanlage 2017 02 e9b63de26c uai

It is easy to be impressed by the intricacy of these mechanical masterpieces of yesteryear: elegant locomotives and proud traction engines show off their prowess in small format as they wind their way around the world’s largest 5 inch and 7¼ inch model railway layout in Halls B2 and B3 at Messe Friedrichshafen.

The impressive track layout is the heart and soul of the exhibition. Over 4,000 metres of track are laid out, a shunting yard, transfer table, points, turntable and loading terminal guarantee realistic and smooth rail traffic. The layout is designed to be walkable for visitors, so there is always something new to see. Lorries are loaded up, containers unloaded, silos emptied and above all steam engines driving around the tracks for miles on end. Sheer steampunk: When the participating model owners breathe life into their steam models, the hall comes alive with the sounds of hissing steam, whistling engines and tooting horns.

But it’s not only the engine drivers who get to enjoy the ride and the whiff of steam around their nostrils. Spectators too can take a ride on the combined 5 inch and 7¼ inch gauge steam railway (for a small fee), puffing around the tracks among the participants’ light railway and narrow gauge locomotives.

If you would like to participate yourself with a steam locomotive, then apply! And this is how it works: Simply fill out the online application below, upload pictures of your steam engine (total max. 8 MB) and send your application!

Application is possible until August 15, 2024!

After successful application you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail!

A final acceptance or rejection will be made by September 15, 2024!

Participants are also asked to help with the installation and dismantling of the track. Set-up begins on Saturday, October 26 and runs until Wednesday, October 31 from 09:00 am! Dismantling will take place on Sunday, November 3 after the fair from 5 pm and will continue on the following Monday! Please read our PDF information below Support set-up and dismantling Real Steam Hall Meeting!

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