A wealth of creativity can be found on the table-top displays: Constructors of stationary steam engines are not only excellent mechanics – they are also exceedingly inventive. There is so much to discover among the fine mechanical rarities and beautiful machines in action.

Model engineers love every little part of their unique true-to-original masterpieces and are proud to demonstrate in the display just how much is mechanically possible in a small format.

If you too would like to participate with a stationary steam model, you can register with the following form. The data can be entered directly on the computer.

Please send your application form by post to: Messe Sinsheim GmbH, Mr. Sascha Bürkel, Weissdornring 7, D-74889 Sinsheim, Germany, or by e-mail to: echtdampf@messe-sinsheim.de

Application deadline is August 15, 2022

Registration deadline expired! Therefore registration is no longer possible!

Conditions of participation real steam hall meeting