14. October 2023

Snow groomer course 2023

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau csm Bild Pistenraupen FN 2021 01 d5596c1172 uai

Snow in November has long since ceased to be anything special at Faszination Modellbau. Because about 3000 liters of plastic snow enchant the 80m² show stage into a glittering winter landscape, where nothing is missing. State-of-the-art RC model technology of all scales, stands here in the midst of lovingly designed buildings and many small details.

In any case, you should make a note of the 6 times daily live shows, with the new title “Battlecry – Battle against the elements”. A dramatic choreography in which eleven 1:12 vehicles simultaneously demonstrate their driving skills. The highlight of this impressive performance, will certainly be experienced Friday and Saturday evening in the darkened hall.
But also games, fun and comedy are traditionally part of the portfolio of the international group. Be surprised, impressed and enchanted when the “Friends of Model Snowcats” invite you to the show!

Schedule of live moderation:

9:30 – 10:00 Comedy performance, “Funchallange” , Funparkbau

11 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Comedy interlude, “Battlecry – Fighting the Elements,” snowblowers.

12.30- 13.00 Comedy performance, “Funchallange”, snow groomer history.

14.00- 14.30 Comedy interlude, “Battlecry – Battle against the elements”, “Funchallange”.

15.30- 16.00 Comedy interlude, “Battlecry – fight against the elements”, ski accident.

5:00- 5:15 p.m. Night Drive!, “Battlecry – Fighting the Elements,” Grand Finale.

Spontaneous program point changes are possible. There will be an organized non-stop ride between show times.

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau csm Bild Pistenraupen 2 0bf5a23bbf

A superlative cable car model is coming to Lake Constance again this year!

The single-cable gondola lift “Klaussee 2” had its premiere there in 2013 and has never been copied, or come close to being copied, since then.
With a length of 9.5m and a total weight of around 600kg, this 1:12 functional model is one of the really big players in alpine technology model building!
The top station, placed at eye level, offers visitors unique insights into modern ropeway technology.
Three prominent props and 6 detailed aft gondolas, combine the finest craftsmanship with current manufacturing techniques.

Come to Hall A4, to the centrally and unmissably located Winter Landscape in the middle of the hall.
The model stands there separately on the edge on an extra surface and is gladly set in motion by the “friends of the model runway caterpillars”.
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