28. September 2023

Press release from 28.09.2023: Soon it will start!

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau Pistenraupen 2022 03 uai

FASZINATION MODELLBAU Friedrichshafen with Real Steam Hall Meeting & LEGO Fan Exhibition, November 3-5, 2023.

In just a few weeks, the event of the year will be upon us: Faszination Modellbau from November 3 to 5 in Friedrichshafen with spectacular demonstrations, trade show innovations, top exhibitors and hands-on activities in all sectors. Let’s get ready for the highlights from aircraft, ship, RC car and truck modelling, let’s look forward to steam engines, railroads and the LEGO fan exhibition.

Airshow action against the backdrop of the Alps

With the “FMT Stars of the Year”, the exceptional airshow organized by the trade magazine FMT awaits us against the unique backdrop of Lake Constance Airport with the Alps on the horizon. And the display promises are promising! In the “Stars of the Year” this year we are looking forward to the new Scale Jet World Champion Frank Westerholt, the successful German F3K National Team with Carolin Weihe, Paul König, Colin Angermann and Leo Bednarz – as well as the F5J National Team with Anna and David Schütz, Lukas Dietrich and Tobi Schur. In addition, we expect the winners of the jet synchronous flight championship Matthias Hocke and Marc Petrak. And the German champion of the F3N-Heli-Freestyle class Tillmann Bäumener together with the third placed Matthias Wohlrab. Superstar Gernot Bruckmann will also be back with a 3D freestyle performance and in synchronized glider aerobatics together with Patrick Georg.

Company flying indoors and outdoors

At the first-ever Outdoor Company Fly, the manufacturers Kavan, Multiplex, Mahmoudi Modellsport and Akatja/Chaservo exhibiting in Hall A3 will present selected product highlights in action. Of course, the VTH will also be represented and will be showing, among other things, the latest Teufel! and Do-228 builders’ models.

At the “FMT Indoor Action” in the Foyer West, the spectrum ranges from delicate 1.5 g models to huge indoor homebuilts with a whopping 2 m wingspan, from purely functional and sport models to beautiful scale models. In 2023, there will again be the proven interplay of pure show slots – with partly exotic self-built models – and company presentations of series models.

Truck night show and forklift competition

Don’t miss it: On Friday and Saturday from 4:30 p.m., the lights in Hall A4 will be dimmed down – and the spectacle will begin: The show trucks will display their dazzling light effects, construction machinery will warn with flashing beacons, the fire department will race to the scene with blue lights – and the snow groomers will light up the slopes. Commercial vehicle modelling shows all its fascination here. Together with the extremely detailed design of the truck courses, the boundaries between reality and fiction, prototypes and originals, become blurred. One hell of a show.

Drive a forklift yourself? Exhibitors Fechtner-Modellbau and Andys Ladegut cordially invite you to participate in the Forklift Competition at Faszination Modellbau: in the courtyard in front of Hall A4. Not only is this a huge blast, there’s even a Carson forklift to be won every day!

Three halls for the “Echtdampf-Hallentreffen” (real steam hall meeting)

The “Echtdampf-Hallentreffen” is the world’s largest meeting for steam-powered models of railroads, road vehicles, ships and plants. In all conceivable scales, we again expect hundreds of exhibits in Halls B2 and B3. They hiss and steam – and captivate us with their beat. The Echtdampf-Hallentreffen will also be represented in Hall A2 with the stationary steam models and the modular layout in I and IIm scale.

Private participants, clubs and associations present their models on rails, podiums and on the water. Experienced steam modelers explain the fascinating mechanics of their models. And as a very special experience, a ride across the fairgrounds on a steam train awaits visitors.

Plastic Model Making Special Show “70 Years of Corvette

Highlights in plastic modelling this year are the thematic focus “Space travel in modelling” and the special show “70 years of Corvette” – both organized by Plastik-Modellbauclub Bodensee e.V. and friendly clubs. Even an original Corvette C6 is on site!

Not only will there be plenty to admire, but the future generation of model builders will also be able to be creative themselves under the guidance of experienced club members at the traditional children’s and young people’s craft workshop. And in the Model Making Forum in Hall A3, Thomas Plösser will be giving a talk in the afternoon on the current topic of 3D printing in model making. We will also experience live demonstrations of special modelling techniques. Entertaining – and educational.

“Cast off” on the 400 m² water basin

The huge 400 m² water basin in Hall A5 is once again a dream. There, we witness huge container ships to fully functional workboats passing by. Likewise, hot action awaits the spectators – from sailing matches to jet ski races and sea rescue exercises. But also the traditional duck pushing may not be missing: Which teams will be able to maneuver all the ducks with the small Ramborator push boat models into the opponent’s goal and leave the ship hall victorious?

Also highly recommended is a visit to I.G. Yachtmodellbau (booth number 5052), on the head side behind the large water basin. There we experience demonstrations of noble yacht models, in a separate water basin with model yacht harbor. This year, the booth of the trade magazine ModellWerft (booth number 5022) will be significantly larger. There, the expert authors will present their favorite models and competently answer all questions of the fair visitors. As a special highlight, the ModellWerft author and real steam specialist Thomas Hillenbrand has announced himself. Among other things, he will bring a paddle steamer in 1:49 scale with a massive length of 323 cm!

Model ship building for children and teenagers

At the Neckar Pirates’ booth in Hall A5 (booth number 5030), the “Shipyard for Kids” awaits all children and young people: under expert guidance, they can build their own model boat and then set sail on the small water basin built especially for this purpose. Of course, the children are allowed to take their new model home after the launch.

Once again this year, the young model ship builders will be awarded their helmsman’s certificate – a certificate they can be proud of and which they will be ceremoniously presented with after receiving instruction in how to steer and maneuver a model ship. And the popular scavenger hunt with its valuable prizes is not to be missed: The aim is to answer riddles at the exhibitors’ stands throughout the exhibition halls. Anyone who would like to take part can pick up the questionnaire at the entrance to the trade fair or at the VTH trade fair stand – or simply download it straight away at www.modellwerft.de.

Huge model train layouts and LEGO fan exhibition

Model railroad layouts of all gauges can be found in Halls A1 and A2, with replicas of legendary stations and landscapes, with beautiful dioramas, historic bridges and passes. The tracks lovingly built by clubs inspire with their layout and attention to detail. But the prominent representatives of the industry will also be there again: manufacturers such as Märklin, ROCO/Fleischmann, BRAWA, PIKO, Hornby, Bemo, Tillig, Faller, Herpa, Noch, Viessmann and many more. They present their locomotives, track systems and accessories. In addition to the big players, the many specialized small-series manufacturers round out the gigantic offering. But it’s not just amazement that’s the order of the day; at many hands-on stations, visitors can also get involved in the hustle and bustle of the fascinating action themselves.

Hall A7 is also completely filled: with LEGO bricks! The fabulous world of the LEGO fan exhibition is created from millions of these small blocks: we immerse ourselves in famous city districts, buildings and film scenes and ask ourselves how something like this could be created. We experience the LEGO product range at the many specialist dealers in Hall A7 – and we even get to build with LEGO ourselves on site.

Thank you for your reports and announcements.

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