25. October 2023

Press release from 25.10.2023: Faszination Modellbau: A dream event for all

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau Flugmodellbau 2022 04 uai

FASZINATION MODELLBAU Friedrichshafen with Real Steam Hall Meeting & LEGO Fan Exhibition, November 3-5, 2023.

Airplane, ship or truck modelling, RC cars, race copters, airships, steam engines, railroads, plastic and cardboard models or LEGO worlds? No matter what your heart desires: the FASZINATION MODELLBAU Friedrichshafen trade fair unites all these passions and presents the diversity of hobbies in their most beautiful form. And already in a few days it will be so far! We are looking forward to spectacular flight demonstrations, fair novelties, top exhibitors and hands-on activities of all branches.

Railroad romance with Hagen von Ortloff

Who doesn’t know it, the TV show “Eisenbahn-Romantik” by and with Hagen von Ortloff. This year, the likeable presenter will once again come to the trade show for an autograph session: He will tell his railroad stories in a relaxed and up-close manner and engage in conversation with the audience. On each of the three days of the fair, he will be there for everyone at his own presentation stand (Hall A1) from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m..

Halls A1 and A2 are then also full of railroad romance: Here we find model railroad layouts of all gauges, with replicas of legendary stations and landscapes, with beautiful dioramas, historic bridges and passes. The courses, lovingly designed by dedicated clubs, inspire with their sophisticated layouts and attention to detail. But also well-known manufacturers such as Märklin, ROCO/Fleischmann, BRAWA, PIKO, Hornby, Bemo, Tillig, Faller, Herpa, Noch, Viessmann and many more will be there again. In addition to the major suppliers, specialized small-series manufacturers complement the extensive product range. But the focus is not only on amazement – at numerous hands-on stations, visitors can actively participate in the fascinating events themselves.

Real steam hall meeting with tons of models

The Echtdampf-Hallentreffen is the world’s largest meeting for model railroads, road vehicles, ships and equipment powered by steam. An absolute highlight is the historic steam engine Tasker Little Giant in an incredible scale of 1:1.3 and with a weight of no less than 2.7 tons! This is one of the largest and heaviest steam model replicas in Germany.

In Halls B2 and B3, hundreds of exhibits in a wide variety of scales await us once again, fascinating and captivating us with their hissing and steaming operation. The Echtdampf-Hallentreffen will also be represented in Hall A2 with stationary steam models and the modular layout in I and IIm scale. Private participants, clubs and associations proudly present their models on tracks, podiums and even on the water. Experienced steam modelers will be on hand to explain the inspiring mechanics of their models. As a very special experience, visitors can also enjoy a ride across the exhibition grounds in a steam train.

Airshow in front of dramatic alpine scenery

You can only find something like this at the FASZINATION MODELLBAU: The airshow “FMT Stars of the Year”, organized by the trade magazine FMT, promises a spectacular event against the unique backdrop of Lake Constance Airport, with the majestic Alps in the background. We can look forward to top-class show acts, including the newly crowned Scale Jet World Champion Frank Westerholt, the successful German F3K National Team, the F5J National Team – and the winners of the Jet Synchronized Flight German Championships, Matthias Hocke and Marc Petrak. Not to forget the German champion of the F3N-Heli-Freestyle class, Tillmann Bäumener, together with the third placed Matthias Wohlrab. In addition, superstar Gernot Bruckmann will be there with a breathtaking 3D freestyle performance and a synchronized glider aerobatics show together with Patrick Georg.

At the first-ever Outdoor Company Fly, exhibiting manufacturers such as Kavan, Multiplex, Mahmoudi Modellsport and Akatja/Chaservo will present selected product highlights in action. Of course, the Verlag für Technik und Handwerk will also be there and will be presenting, among other things, the latest “Teufel!” and “Do-228” builders’ models.

Model aircraft action in the hall

The bright and sunny foyer at the western entrance, under a gigantic glass roof, offers ideal conditions for the “FMT Indoor Action”, an indoor air show on a 30×30-meter area. And this year, too, visitors to FASZINATION MODELLBAU can look forward to some special highlights here. The spectrum ranges from tiny 2-gram scale models to impressive scale models with a wingspan of 2 meters. Spectators can also expect spectacular helicopter aerobatic shows and a rousing aeromusical.

In 2023, there will again be the popular interplay of perfectly staged show flight demonstrations – with the sometimes exotic homebuilt models – and presentations of production models by the manufacturers.

Made of millions of bricks: LEGO fan exhibition

The LEGO fan club Bricking Bavaria e.V. will be presenting breathtaking fantasy worlds and impressive structures made of millions of LEGO bricks in Hall A7. When we visit this exhibition, we immerse ourselves in famous neighborhoods, impressive buildings and iconic movie scenes – and wonder how such masterpieces were created. In Hall A7, we can also discover LEGO’s extensive product range at numerous specialist retailers and even build creatively with LEGO ourselves on site. Families and children can expect a wealth of creative play fun with products such as LEGO Technic, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO DREAMZzz, LEGO Friends and LEGO NINJAGO.

A special highlight this year: adults and children are invited to participate in the construction of the large LEGO Creative Wall. Through the creativity of all, an impressive work of art is created over the duration of the fair.

Show truck spectacle, forklift driving, snow groomer course

On no account should you miss when the lights in Hall A4 are dimmed from 4:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday – and then a fascinating spectacle begins: the RC show trucks present their dazzling light effects, construction machinery warns with its rotating beacons, the fire department rushes to simulated action with blue lights, and the snowcats light up the slopes. Commercial vehicle modelling reveals all its fascination here. In combination with the extremely detailed design of the truck courses, the boundaries between reality and fiction, between prototypes and replicas, become blurred. This is a breathtaking show.

Would you like to drive a forklift yourself? Exhibitors Fechtner-Modellbau and Andys Ladegut cordially invite you to participate in the Forklift Competition at FASZINATION MODELLBAU, which will be held in the courtyard in front of Hall A4. Not only is it a lot of fun, but there’s even a chance to win a Carson forklift every day.

About 3,000 liters of plastic snow transform an 80-square-meter show stage into a glittering winter wonderland that leaves nothing to be desired. Here you can see the latest RC model technology in all conceivable scales, embedded in lovingly designed buildings and numerous details. A definite highlight here are the live shows taking place six times a day under the new title “Battlecry – Fighting the Elements”. This impressive choreography brings eleven 1:12 scale snowcats on stage at the same time!

Ship models on huge 400-m² water basin

A sight to dream about awaits visitors once again in Hall A5: on the 400 m² water basin, we can admire huge container ships and fully functional workboats passing majestically by. They will be joined by action-packed demonstrations, including sailing matches, jet ski races and sea rescue drills. And of course, the traditional duck pushing game is not to be missed – which team will maneuver all the ducks into the opponent’s goal this time with the help of the small Ramborator push boat models and leave the ship hall as the winner?

At the Neckarpiraten stand in Hall A5, the “Shipyard for Kids” awaits all children and young people. Here they can build their own model boat under expert guidance and then launch it on a small water basin set up especially for this purpose. Of course, the young participants are allowed to take their freshly built models home with them after the successful launch. This year, young model ship builders can also obtain the “helmsman’s certificate” again. This is a certificate they can be proud of – it is ceremoniously presented after an introduction to steering and maneuvering ship models.

The great scavenger hunt for the little ones

A special highlight awaits young trade fair visitors in particular: the big scavenger hunt, which takes place on all three days of the trade fair. The questionnaire is available as a download directly at www.faszination-modellbau.de, at the entrance to the trade show or at booth 3100 of Verlag für Technik und Handwerk (Hall A3). And this is how it works: Visit the booths, answer the questions correctly and collect the booth stamps. If you get stuck, the friendly booth staff will be happy to help.

The completed questionnaire is handed in at the end of the scavenger hunt at booth 3100. A drawing will be held there among all the correct answers at 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday. With fantastic prizes from different areas of model making

Completely unproblematic: Arrival and parking

The exhibition grounds of FASZINATION MODELLBAU are located in the immediate vicinity of Friedrichshafen Airport and are perfectly accessible by all means of transport. Detailed information is available at: www.faszination-modellbau.de/anreise-hallenplan

To avoid waiting times on site, it is recommended to buy tickets online: https://ticketshop.schall-messen.de/shop


Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH
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88046 Friedrichshafen

Opening hours (November 3 to 5, 2023)

Friday-Saturday 9:00 – 18:00
Sunday 9:00 – 17:00


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