10. October 2023

Model shipbuilding in Friedrichshafen in a big way

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There’s a lot going on in the ship model building sector again this year in Hall A5! Actions without end at the water basin and on the fair lake will once again captivate the spectators. The model demonstrations show all branches of the beautiful hobby of ship modeling. There will be jet ski – and surfer races! Match Races with sailing models! Rescue cruisers national and international show rescue exercises. And of course, the popular duck push is back at the start! Here, the small Ramborator push boat models, popular with young and old, try to maneuver as many plastic bath ducks as possible into the opponent’s goal. The most diverse teams compete against each other. Often the participants have never ridden a model ship before. This ensures a high fun factor for both model building veterans and the budding, young captains and captainesses. Speaking of newcomers – this year again, future model ship builders can earn the extremely popular helmsman’s certificate for model ships of all sizes directly on site at the fair basin.

The VTH and the ModellWerft editorial team will once again be represented with their own exhibition stand in Hall A5. This time we present you a wide range of different ship models from all branches of our ship modeling hobby – let the most diverse models surprise and inspire you. The ModellWerft team is looking forward to your visit.

Furthermore, a permanently integrated harbor on the water basin demonstrates how safely and skillfully remote-controlled models can dock and cast off. At the “free driving” program item, numerous model builders will present their most diverse, true-to-scale replicas in motion. The entire program will feature expert commentary, including ModellWerft regular author Andreas Stach, who will provide entertaining, interesting and expert entertainment. And the numerous model ship builders at the many booths are just waiting to be pestered with questions by the visitors.

Here you can find the schedules for the activities on the water basin:

Schedule ModellWerft – action on the water basin Hall A5Schedule ModellWerft – action on the fair lakePreliminary report trade journal ModellWerft 10 / 2023Preliminary report trade journal ModellWerft 11 / 2023