24. August 2023

Gauge 2 model railroad layouts for Faszination Modellbau 2023 introduce themselves

Faszination Modellbau Internationale Leitmesse für Modellbahnen und Modellbau FN2023 Spur 2m LGB Freunde Niederrhein Hummerandermeadowvelly 02 uai

Track IIm (G): Hammerundermeadowvalley” segment layout

The garden railroad is considered the big one among the small ones. Locomotives and wagons that even children can pick up without dad yelling for help right away. In addition, there is a richness of detail that can also be perceived with the naked eye. The IIm show layout of the LGB friends from the Lower Rhine, consisting of 12 segments offers on a total area of 15 x 5 m everything you could wish for on a model railroad. Up to 15 trains are in operation at the same time. Detailed scenes especially please the female viewers. Due to a track height of only 70 centimeters, even small children can view the miniature world. In addition to a colliery with a 140-centimeter-high winding tower and wind turbines, there are many richly furnished industrial complexes and stately homes. Controlled digitally and by radio with the Massoth system. On about 150 meters of track with about 40 switches, a lively railroad operation is possible on two levels. Saxon and Lower Rhine motifs can be found on the layout. Since American narrow gauge vehicles also like to travel, the Saxon station Hammerunterwiesenthal and thus the layout was renamed “Hammerundermeadowyvalley”.

Operator: LGB-Freunde Niederrhein, Mr. Frank Tümmermann, D-47228 Duisburg
Plant size: 15 x 5 m

Track IIm (G): Eifel plant – light railroad in the 50s

The former record layout of the late Franz Stellmaszyk was rebuilt, restored and digitized by the club LGB-Freunde Niederrhein!

On display, among other things, is a light railroad as it was once found in lava mining in the Eifel under the motto “from the workshop to the volcanic quarry” the very normal life and work in the middle of the last century. True to detail with the smallest details recreates the working world in a lava pit.

Operator: LGB-Freunde Niederrhein, Mr. Frank Tümmermann, D-47228 Duisburg
Plant size: 6.5 x 4.5 m

Track II m (G): Sauerland segment layout + alternate connection point HilMa

The core of the layout is a prototypical roll car layout that demonstrates the transfer of standard gauge freight cars to narrow gauge roll cars.

The motifs are based on the Plettenberg and Hohenlimburger Kleinbahn in the Sauerland region. This includes a small depot with a two-track wooden locomotive shed for the narrow-gauge traction units, behind which the new fiddleyard adjoins as a stabling facility for train compositions.

New is another station facility (Banhof Elsemühle) with transfer facilities and some sidings. There is also a sand drying shed and a storage shed of a railroad maintenance depot.

A special eye-catcher is the three-rail turnout with an additional threading out of the meter gauge. The turnouts installed within the elaborately designed road surfaces are designed as prototypical road turnouts.

In addition, the Sauerland segment layout is supplemented by a standard-gauge layout section called “Awanst HilMa” (HilMa alternate connection point), newly built by Gerhard Seelbach.

Operator: IG Spur II Wolf Groote & Gerhard Seelbach, D-58840 Plettenberg
Size: 23 x 12 m