12. November 2021

FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2021 Re-Start absolutely successful!

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FASZINATION MODELLBAU, Leading International Trade Fair for Model Railways and Model Making, celebrated an absolutely successful re-launch from November 05-07, 2021 in Friedrichshafen. Nearly 300 exhibitors from 15 nations were happy to set up their booths and finally be able to talk live and face-to-face again with the modeling public about the most beautiful hobby in the world. In ten large exhibition halls and two foyers, in the great outdoor area, at the exhibition lake and on the unique flying field, many fans and families bustled about, who together with the model building community could experience the diversity of all model building sectors for three days and, on top of that, marvel at the cult event Echtdampf-Hallentreffen and the fantastic worlds of the LEGO fan exhibition. Enjoying three events at once with one ticket was simply great, especially this year. The model making industry was pleased to welcome many interested kids & teens and to intensify its work with young people once again. The concept of the organizer Messe Sinsheim, a 100% subsidiary of the trade fair organizer Schall, thus worked excellently – everyone happy.

Strolling, shopping, marveling and participating, the anticipation of the more than 30,000 visitors was rewarded from the very first moment. FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2021 was characterized by a joyful, relaxed atmosphere as visitors strolled through the exhibition halls with their wide aisles and associated outdoor areas. “The model building industry has been looking forward to this event for a long time. My thanks go to all exhibitors and also participants who, together with us, have pioneered the re-launch of FASZINATION MODELLBAU” said Andreas Wittur, authorized signatory of Messe Sinsheim. When the triple event officially opened its gates on Friday, the relaxed atmosphere was a boon to everyone who had been eagerly awaiting the live event. Finally, the modeling industry with its many active participants could once again present their creative miniatures, their new developments and choreographed shows to the fabulous modeling community. The exhibitor booths quickly became bustling with activity, flanked by professional advice on the quality products and offerings. Many shining children’s eyes marveled at the original miniature installations, such as steaming steel steeds, speeding RC cars, elegant ship models with funny crews and whirring model airplanes. For them, it was especially fascinating and liberating to experience a relaxed event for fun participation and real learning with haptic insights and creativity – and to write something on Santa’s wish list.

The industry leader for model railroaders has long summed up the message of the model building profession with its slogan “Märklin connects generations”. The fact is, the cooperation of the age groups has never been more evident at the leading trade show than this year, both at the booths and with the many enthusiastic posts on the community’s social channels in exchange for their lovebrand FASZINATION MODELLBAU. Hagen von Ortloff, Mr. Eisenbahnromantik, who is very popular with all generations, was pleased at his stand and at the autograph session: “It is important that this fair takes place. People are flocking, it’s a pleasure to see them standing here and smiling, eyes getting big and mouths getting wider. This is something that is good for us. The enthusiasm of the visitors, the spectators is there, and of course that transfers to us.” And promptly a 16-year-old walks by, says “I think what you’re doing is great,” smiles and moves on. Simply nice.

The super likeable siblings Sarina and Robin Brand of the high-quality functional model builder Scaleart, who have just taken over the baton of management from their Mr. Papa, also commented very positively on the trade show: “What we have been missing for a long time was to present our products live, to show them to people and to experience the emotions from the customers. For us, it was a huge thing to be able to come here and make personal contact again. It’s always a great spectacle to be here in beautiful Friedrichshafen and the visitors are also very happy that they can see and touch the whole thing live again.” Max Beckmann from Gebrüder Faller was exactly of this tenor: “The response at the trade show is very good, there are a lot of people out and about. It’s also really important for us because this year is our 75th anniversary and it’s just great to be able to celebrate with customers again.” Max’s modeling event was flanked by fantastic live shows and contests on YouTube, directly from the booth.

Accordingly, Sascha Bürkel, Project Manager of the Model Building Fairs Division in the Messe Sinsheim/Schall team, draws a positive conclusion: “The super feedback from our exhibitors, who held intensive discussions with customers and recorded good sales, makes us as organizers very happy. Their courage to participate in FASZINATION MODELLBAU in this special year was rewarded. Equally highly motivated were the private participants, clubs and societies who, after such a long break, were finally able to demonstrate their detailed miniature works of art live again at the event and talk shop with the public about them.”

After the trade fair is before the trade fair and so the organizers and exhibitors have already started planning for FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2022. This will be held for the first time in tandem with the IMA – INTERNATIONAL MODEL CONSTRUCTION EXHIBITION in Friedrichshafen. Which brings us back directly to Märklin: “I can promise you that next year at the International Model Railroad Exhibition, which will be held for the first time at the Friedrichshafen location, we will build up larger and also have our insider divisions Trix and LGB there. You will experience the full commitment from Märklin. It’s definitely worth the trip,” says Eric-Michael Peschel, Head of Event Marketing.

The mega event will take place from 04. to 06 November 2022 will take place on the bright and friendly exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen in the attractive border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Until the start, illustrious moments of trade fair life and news from the exhibitors will be continuously played out on the social media of the two trade fairs. Have fun with it! Save the date, the countdown is on.

Fascinating trade show pictures of all model building areas can be found here for use free of charge for coverage of Faszination Modellbau:


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Important notice & save the date! Just in time for the start of the season next year, FASZINATION MODELLBAHN, International Fair for Model Railways, Specials & Accessories, will take place again from March 11-13, 2022 in the legendary Maimarkthalle in Mannheim!

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