Faszination Modellbau
Leading International Exhibition for
Model Railroading and Model Building
01.–03. NOVEMBER 2019
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Giving visitors insight into functional model engineering is the maxim of the Roadworker Arena. The current show on their programme is called "Build it" and is said - with tongue in cheek - to depict a normal day at the construction site. "Construction vehicles on a model scale have always fascinated...

With numerous new scenes and a lot of attention to detail, the Snowcat team have again prepared an exclusive programme for you. The motto at the 2018 show will be "Fun, games and excitement"! The basis for all the activities on the layout will be a large time-measuring device, visible to...

17,000 Lego bricks! 21 motors! 220 gear wheels! 93 tyres! 4 robot controls and 3 transformers - all this adds up to a superlative, 5,300 mm long fully functioning 3S cable car*. The model cable car functions just like a real one. The cabins run on two support cables...

He could see it coming – the heavy goods transporter wasn’t going to make it round the narrow bend in the road. But he had to finish the job, deliver the bridge section to its destination. They were waiting for it. So there was no option but to shunt forwards...

An impressive demonstration of the unusual technology of military vehicles will be presented in the military modelling section.

On the designated course for scales 1:8 and 1:16 covering an area of 600 square metres the truck models are in their element. For these miniature worlds, created with great attention to detail, over 160 m³ of soil are applied and modelled, landscapes formed with hundreds of plants and seedbeds,...