Final Report: Fantastic Anniversary! 25th FASZINATION MODELLBAU Celebrates with Outstanding Audience of More than 53,000 Visitors

Celebrating good times – you bet! The 25th FASZINATION MODELLBAU was celebrated extensively for three days in Friedrichshafen from the 1st through the 3rd of November, 2019: What a happening! Nearly 400 international exhibitors from 15 countries were extremely happy with the outstanding, highly interested audience – more than 53,000 visitors were in turn absolutely enthusiastic about the mega event including the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen, close to 2000 non-commercial participants from the clubs and associations enjoyed the warm reception and the organisers were very satisfied. The esteem expressed for the 25th session of Europe’s most popular model building trade fair by the marvellous model building community, as well as numerous families who flocked to the exhibition centre, was highly motivating for the entire industry sector. Together, they all celebrated a social media model building festival during the event as well, and enriched their on-site experiences with an endless number of stories. Thank you very much, it was loads of fun and has definitely left a lasting impression.

Faszination Modellbau in Friedrichshafen is indeed the most diverse model making trade fair in Germany, as well as Europe. And it’s the Love brand of the model building community. On the one hand, its perfect location on Lake Constance where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet transports the event’s popularity across international borders and, on the other hand, the unconventional but nevertheless clear-cut exhibition concept of private event promoters Messe Sinsheim assures vitality, topicality and lots of fun.

 “FASZINATION MODELLBAU is the event at which the model making industry exhibits its enormous spectrum of offerings. The models are demonstrated in action and for hands-on experience, attractive trade fair offers encourage visitors to buy and, above all, outstanding customer loyalty abounds. Interested people can simply try things out here and get started with model building. As organisers we ensure the right blend of features, make quick decisions where necessary and are always open to new ideas. After all, the miniatures are a reflection of the diversity of their original archetypes,” says Andreas Wittur, authorised signatory of event promoters Messe Sinsheim and organiser of the event.

High spirits at the anniversary event verify that the model building hobby has been experiencing an emphatic upswing for some time now. The pleasure of model building, which appeals to all of the senses, is reflected in the steadily growing community and thus in demand, and in particular in the highly popular professional advice concerning quality products from brand manufacturers in all of the exhibition halls. The industry sector has done a lot in recent years and has created attractive, modern offerings for all age groups. And now it’s paying off: teenagers dashed through the exhibition with schedule in hand, in order to make sure they didn’t miss anything. The drones crew demonstrated new aspects of functional model building, as did the well-established model aircraft fliers. The enormous creative workshop held by brand-name manufacturers Faller, Busch and Noch was well attended for the entire duration of the event by eager hobbyists and industrious youngsters who tried out their haptic skills and put them to use without delay. Märklin’s huge adventure landscape was also extremely well attended, where the kids diligently and cheerfully snapped the track together, loaded the miniature trains and successfully sent them on their way through the fantastic model travel world. The industry sector is in agreement: model railways have found their place in the hobby culture of the digital age. This is demonstrated by current prospects for all model building segments: whether at the indoor flying area, on the madcap truck course, amongst the RC car model freaks or anywhere else: kids, teenagers, generation Y millennials and the over 50 crowd were tinkering with each other, cruising, chatting, shopping for Christmas presents and enjoying life in a relaxed manner.

“Already on the first day of the 25th FASZINATION MODELLBAU, we received an enormous amount of positive feedback from our exhibitors. The crews at the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen were very impressed with the large numbers of spectators and interested parties. We were highly motivated and put lots of advance effort into the anniversary event – and the results are great,” says project manager Sascha Bürkel.

Tanja Menzel from RC-Hangar15 sums up the importance of the leading international trade fair from an exhibitor standpoint: “It’s only the second time we’ve exhibited here but we’re very excited about the fair because it’s so diverse. We’re very well positioned in Hall A1, but we also toured all of the other halls. It’s a fantastic trade fair – always current, always up-to-date, model building is thriving.” This is also confirmed by the crew from Multiplex: “We’re always thrilled to be at the trade fair and we’ve been exhibiting here right from the very beginning – it’s simply great, it’s enormous, it has countless spectators and lots of people bring their children with them. We can present our entire product range here and we’re just happy to be here every year.” New visitor target groups from near and far are being added all the time as well. A trade fair guest from Friedrichshafen who had visited the classic car exhibition on a regular basis with his wife, but hadn’t yet been to the model building event, said: “It’s my birthday today and this excursion is a present. There’s twice as much action here, I’m quite surprised, I like it very much – it’s incredible what’s going on here. It must be a huge market! I hope we can do it all and get through all of the exhibition halls. We’ll certainly have to come back with our grandchildren.”

Functional model building and emotions belong together, just like the stars and the sky. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the “Stars of the Year” International World-Class Champion Show. In spite of the turbulent weather, the spectators are enthralled. The clouds part at noon on Saturday, the magnificent mountain scenery reveals itself and the star pilots conjure up a giant heart in the sky. Voilá! Cool choreographies, rapid flight manoeuvres to heavy music, highly motivated insider moderators: all inspired by the unique atmosphere of FASZINATION MODELLBAU – and the spectators enjoy model flying par excellence!

There was also high-tech equipment at the trade fair including software for advanced functional model builders. The booths resembled elaborate CNC workshops and enticed visitors with attractive trade fair offerings, which will doubtless find their way under the Christmas trees of technology freaks. Countless high-quality accessories and special construction kits made of watertight, weatherproof materials caused the model builders’ hearts to beat faster and kept the cash registers ringing.

Not only were trade fair visitors provided with know-how at all of the booths and by the community, presentations at both model building forums (one for model pilots and one for model railroaders) also offered lots of knowledge for the next season. Fact is that many of the visitors, both young and old, are already looking forward to the upcoming Christmas festivities, because lots of presents are already in the bag or underway as online orders. Conclusions: Model building generates strictly happy vibes!

Another important piece of information: the event promoters also invested in the leading international trade fair’s trademark design on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of FASZINATION MODELLBAU, and carefully refreshed its logo and typography. Its appearance has thus been adapted to the spirit of the times. It’s now ideally suited to all media and can be downloaded by all press and trade fair partners from the trade fair website.

After the trade fair is before the trade fair – Messe Sinsheim will start planning the 26th FASZINATION MODELLBAU without delay. The event will take place from the 30th of October through the 1st of November, 2020. Until it opens its doors, the trade fair’s social media channels will continuously broadcast illustrious moments of trade fair life.

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Save the date! The FASZINATION MODELLBAHN international trade fair for model railways, specials and accessories will be held at the legendary Maimarkthalle in Mannheim just in time for the start of next year’s season from the 13th through the 15th of March, 2020.


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