FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2021: Highly Successful Restart!

As the leading international trade fair for model railroading and model building, FASZINATION MODELLBAU celebrated a highly successful relaunch in Friedrichshafen from the 5th through the 7th of November, 2021. Nearly 300 exhibitors from 15 countries were delighted to set up their booths and finally be able to interact once again with the model building public, live and face-to-face, about the most wonderful hobby in the world. In ten large exhibition halls and two foyers, in the spectacular outdoor area, at the exhibition lake and on the unique flying field, large numbers of fans and families came together for three days to experience the diversity of all model building segments together with the model-building community and, on top of it all, to marvel at the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen cult event and the fantastic worlds of the LEGO fan exhibition. Enjoying three events at once with a single ticket was a great opportunity – especially this year. The model making industry was pleased to welcome lots of interested children and teenagers, and to once again intensify its work with young people. The concept of event organisers Messe Sinsheim, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schall trade fair promoters, functioned superbly and everyone is happy.

Strolling, shopping, marvelling and participating – the eager anticipation of the more than 30,000 visitors was rewarded from the very first moment. FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2021 was distinguished by a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere as visitors strolled through the exhibition halls with their wide aisles, and the adjoining outdoor areas. “The model building sector has been looking forward to this event for a long time. My thanks go out to all of the exhibitors and participants who, together with us, have pioneered the relaunch of FASZINATION MODELLBAU”, said Andreas Wittur, authorised signatory of Messe Sinsheim. When the doors to the triple event opened officially on Friday, the relaxed atmosphere was a breath of fresh air for all who had been fervently awaiting the live event. Finally, the model building industry and its many active participants were once again able to present their creative miniatures, new developments and choreographed shows to the fabulous model building community. Busy hustling and bustling quickly prevailed at the exhibitors’ booths, accompanied by professional advice concerning the top-quality products and offerings. Scores of beaming children’s eyes marvelled at the original miniature exhibits including steaming iron horses, speeding RC cars, elegant ship models with jolly crews and whirring model aeroplanes. It was especially fascinating and satisfying for them to experience a relaxed event dedicated to pleasurable participation and real learning with haptic insights and creativity – and to add an item or two to their Christmas wish lists for Santa Claus.

The industry leader for model railroading has been putting the message of the model building sector into a nutshell for years with its slogan: “Märklin Unites Generations”. In fact, cooperation between the age groups has never been more evident at the leading trade fair than this year – at the exhibition booths as well as in the many enthusiastic posts on the community’s social channels in exchange with their love brand FASZINATION MODELLBAU. Hagen von Ortloff, very popular amongst all generations as Mr. Eisenbahnromantik, was thrilled to be at his booth and at his autograph session: “It’s important for this event to take place. People are pouring in and it’s a pleasure to see them standing here and smiling, their eyes getting big and their jaws dropping further and further. It’ really good for us. The enthusiasm of the visitors and spectators is real, and this of course carries over to us as well.” And precisely at this moment, a 16-year-old walks by, says “I think what you're doing here is great”, smiles and moves on. It’s great.

Super likeable siblings Sarina and Robin Brand of top-quality functional model manufacturer ScaleART, who recently took over the management reins from their father, also had very positive things to say about the exhibition: “What we’ve been missing for a long time is being able to present our products live, to show them to people and to experience the customers’ emotions. It was something very special for us to be able to come here again and interact with each other personally. It’s always a grand spectacle to be here in beautiful Friedrichshafen, and the visitors are also very happy to be able to see and touch everything in person once again.” Max Beckmann of Gebrüder Faller felt exactly the same way: “Feedback at the fair is very good and there are lots of people out and about. This is really important for us too because it’s our 75th anniversary this year and it’s just great to be able to celebrate with customers again.” Max’s model building event was flanked by fantastic live shows and competitions on YouTube – directly from the exhibition booth.

Sascha Bürkel, project manager of the model building trade fair division for the Messe Sinsheim / Schall team, draws a correspondingly positive conclusion: “As the event’s organisers we’re very pleased with the fantastic feedback from our exhibitors, who held in-depth discussions with customers and reported good sales. Their courage to participate at FASZINATION MODELLBAU during this very unusual year has been rewarded. The private participants, clubs and associations were just as highly motivated, being able to finally demonstrate their detailed miniature works of art live at the event again after such a long break, and to talk shop with the visitors.”

After the trade fair is before the trade fair – the organisers and exhibitors have already started planning for FASZINATION MODELLBAU 2022 which will be held for the first time together with the IMA International Model Railways Exhibition in Friedrichshafen. Which brings us back to Märklin: “I can assure you that we’ll expand next year at the International Model Railways Exhibition, which will be held for the first time at the venue in Friedrichshafen, and that our Trix and LGB insider segments will also be on hand. You can expect to experience Märklin’s full commitment. It’ll definitely be worth the trip,” says Eric-Michael Peschel, head of event marketing.

The mega-event will take place on the bright and friendly exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen in the attractive region where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet from the 4th through the 6th of November, 2022. Until they open their doors, both of the trade fairs’ social media channels will continuously broadcast illustrious moments of trade fair life and the latest news from the exhibitors. Enjoy it! Save the date, the countdown has begun.

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Important Note – Save the Date! The FASZINATION MODELLBAHN international trade fair for model railways, specials and accessories will be held once again at the legendary Maimarkthalle in Mannheim just in time for the start of next year’s season from the 11th through the 13th of March, 2022.


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