Air Show Highlights at Faszination Modellbau 2021

Impressive air shows await us once again at Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen with the “Stars of the Year” and the “Indoor Action” – outdoors at Bodensee Airport and indoors in the trade fair foyer, both organised by FMT. Participants have announced highly promising exhibits!

Gernot Bruckmann On Location

Once again this year, he swept the board at every encounter he took on: Gernot Bruckmann. At Stars of the Year he’ll fly glider aerobatics and present an aerobatic freestyle routine with his Challenger. Dominik Euteneier will race the Bolt from CARF-Models through the skies, which is probably the hottest sport jet around at the moment. Luca Baumann will perform world-class aerobatics with the Ares from Krill. And Robin Trumpp will demonstrate the tremendous degree of precision with which an F3A ace can handle even a huge Bücker Jungmeister in 1:2 scale. In addition, we’ll experience tethered aircraft combat with Rafael Unruh, Volodimir Zilberman and Andre Horst, which is hard to beat in terms of action.

Formation Displays

We can also look forward to several formation displays: the Red Bull Aerobatic team (Robert and Sebastian Fuchs, and Tim Stadler) will present a new formation consisting of two Ultimates and a Pitts Beast. Alexander Raff and Marius Euteneier will explore just how far they can go with their F3A-X machines and jets. And the duo consisting of Markus Rummer and Dominik Euteneier will tow a Kobuz with an SF-260 in a – shall we say – very special way.

In addition to all of this, we’ll also experience the fascination of the booming F3K and F5J competition classes with successful pilots from the national team. Some of them, namely Carolin Weihe, Anna Schütz and Charlotte Mahmoudi, will also appear in keeping with the motto “Girl Power”. We’ll also be able to experience models in flight that have been awarded the FMT Adler once again.

Vertical Take-Off Aircraft and Self-Made Helicopters

Commitments received for the “FMT Indoor Action” on the 30 by 30 metre airfield in the West Foyer of the exhibition centre are also very promising: one and a half years of development went into the trijet vertical take-off aircraft with thrust vector control by Dietmar Metz, which offers gyro-assisted hover flight and normal flight with no transition as a special feature. Christof Tittel and Daniel Hör’s self-built Dash-Q-300 has a generous wingspan of 2.2 metres, but weighs only 550 grams. It’s powered by two 5 g motors with 1:10 gearing and self-built propellers (12 inch, four-blade).

The class 700 ultralight helicopters, entirely self-developed by Christof Tittel, Jürgen Schönle and Daniel Hör, fly at an extremely low speed and are very quiet as a result. Take-off weight amounts to merely 850 grams, the rotor head is a self-made construction consisting of 3D printed parts and the self-developed rotor blades have a weight of just 65 grams each.