The original Echtdampf-Hallentreffen

Steam-powered models of railways, road vehicles, ships and stationary installations

When one wheel on a chic miniature steam train, polished to a high gloss, constantly engages with another, it is a joy for all those who love these fabulous mechanical rhythms. And it's great fun for the audience, large and small, who are invited to board and ride along.

Welcome to the world's largest real steam hall meeting in Friedrichshafen! Here, fully functional steam-powered models of railways, road vehicles, ships and stationary installations are presented in a unique variety.

The heart of the cult event for all steam locomotive enthusiasts is the world's largest 5 inch and 7 ¼ inch track system of more than 4 km in length, accessible to visitors! Delicate technical marvels of mechanics from the past, such as chic locomotives and locomobiles, move here in miniature through halls B1 and B2 of the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre. Pure steampunk, say the freaks. It steams, smokes, hisses, glows and hisses. And it simply puts you in a good mood.


Plan of the track system (follow on)