Press info from 24.09.2021: Model Railway Layouts Exhibited at Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen 2021

G Gauge: Fantasyland on the North Sea Coast

A small interurban station on a metre-gauge railway was at the heart of the layout. A small maintenance depot can be reached from the town of Kleinbach, or passenger and freight trains can be sent to “Birkenmoor”. The 2-track station with a partially electrified, metre-gauge railway has a small locomotive depot with shed and a car ramp for loading standard-gauge freight cars. A small factory with its own wagon turntable, the remains of a light railway siding and a drop platform for track ballast are also included. Typical, small freight and passenger trains, as well as a small railcar, are operated on the layout.

Operator: Club der LGB Freunde Rhein/Sieg, Günter Schipper, 41239 Mönchengladbach, Germany
Layout size: 16 x 3 m

2m Gauge: “Wernigersiel” from the Harz Mountains to the Coast

As a special feature of this layout, the segments serve as exhibit element and packaging at the same time. An ingenious folding mechanism transforms the top of the packaging into an extension with an additional backdrop. When packed, the segment forms a box with an inside height of 20 cm. The system is equipped with a 12-pole, 1½ square metre ring circuit which provides power for traction and lighting, as well as for the operation of various electronic components. With just a few exceptions, all of the buildings, figures and lamps are built into the modules. The entire landscape is supported by 10 mm of styrofoam. All of the tracks are screwed into the base plate and ballasted with a layer thickness of up to 2 or 3 mm. The greenery was created with a Noch Grass Master. The buildings are from POLA and PIKO. Self-made buildings and buildings from small-series manufacturers are also included. Two revolving loops with several crossovers, as well as several sidings, allow for easy “play operation”. A tram shuttles back and forth over three stops on a separate route. The layout can accommodate 4 trains at the same time. 2 trains and the tram are operated in automatic mode. The switches are controlled digitally and are wired as pairs at the crossovers.

Operator: LGB-Freunde Niederrhein, Frank Tümmermann, 47228 Duisburg, Germany
Layout size: 3 x 6 m

2m Gauge: German North Sea Coast

The narrow-gauge railway connects a small island with the mainland via a dam in the tidal flats. This is where the metre gauge island railway merges with the standard gauge railway. The metre gauge railway runs on 45 millimetre, and the standard gauge railway on 64 millimetre model tracks. All standard gauge sections are laid out as three-rail tracks. A large three-rail switch, the three-rail tracks and the mixed switches are the layout’s most striking elements. Roughly 20 metres of firmly ballasted track are available for driving and shunting operations. The right end of the layout is occupied by a small harbour. If you follow the tracks away from the coast to the right, you come upon marshland and isolated houses standing on terps. Many of the figures are one of a kind.  In addition to numerous LGB vehicles, a few rarer specimens are also made use of such as the railcar from the former Sylt narrow-gauge railway – an LT4 light railcar. The red Borgward semitrailer has a sister vehicle in blue at its side. The vehicles can only travel back and forth on the layout. Two diesel locomotives and a self-made small Deutz locomotive run on the standard gauge rails. The layout is operated with a Masoth DiMAX. Operation is currently by sight, but signals are in the planning. There aren’t any automated processes. The goal of the layout is to enable active play.

Operator: LGB Freunde Niederrhein, Frank Tümmerman, 47228 Duisburg, Germany
Layout size: 11.20 x 6 m

I Gauge: Ingolstadt Central Station

This layout is set in epoch III/IV. The former Ingolstadt Central Station was faithfully recreated as the main station. Beyond this, a functioning maintenance depot with turntable, a coaling facility, a roundhouse and a water standpipe (all functional) were also replicated. A branch line leads from platform 1 at the main station through a tunnel to a small branch line station. A small depot for diesel locomotives is located next to the large depot for steam locomotives. The city is dominated by a church. The station and the storage yard are illuminated. The entire layout is digitally controlled. The layout also includes a functioning railroad hump which is accessed via a switch opposite the gantry signal box.

Operator: Eisenbahn- und Modellbahnfreunde Ingolstadt e.V., Klaus Meyer, 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany
Layout size: 18 x 7.2 m

0 Gauge: Calenberg Industrial Railway / Stadtoldendorf Gypsum Railway

The sawmill, the lime works and many other buildings were modelled faithfully on the actual buildings for the Calenberg Industrial Railway. Loading and unloading of the lime cars is remote-controlled or automatic and is one of the layout’s attractions, as is shunting of the cars with a chain hoist at the timber loading station. Three or four locomotive drivers use digital control, whereas the switches are set and coupling is executed manually.

The Stadtoldendorf Gypsum Railway depicts quarrying, processing and transport of the gypsum stones from the quarry to the gypsum works, right on up to loading of the finished product. All processes correspond to actual operations on the archetype which remained in service up through 1958. All buildings and vehicles were recreated from original drawings or photos. The highlight of the layout is a replication of the brake incline.

Operator: Feldbahn Mühlenanger, Helmut Walter, 37627 Stadtoldendorf, Germany
Layout size: 10.5 x 8 m

0 Gauge: Main Line with Branch Line

The 0 gauge layout was built by Modellbauteam Köln in cooperation with model railway manufacturer Lenz. The layout, which can be viewed from all sides, is based on the classic theme of a “main line with branch line”, and was constructed so compactly that it can also be regarded as a home layout. After all, 0 gauge layouts should not be exclusively reserved for clubs. The layout’s buildings come from Lenz (main station) and Joswood. The greenery was created with materials from Heki, as well as real sifted gravel and sands. Some of the trees are self-made and others were purchased from small-series manufacturer mbr.

The layout with three independent tracks is operated digitally by means of Lenz modules and PC control. Up to eight trains can be used alternately, with three running at the same time in regular operation.

Operator: Modellbau-Team Köln, Hartmut Groll, 51067 Cologne, Germany
Layout size: 9 x 8 m

TT Gauge: “Hölzlialp”

The “Hölzlialp” layout was originally built by Rolf Wiehler. It’s analogue controlled and comprises 3 separate railway loops. Operation and control of the two staging yards, each comprising three tracks, is regulated by a self-developed microcontroller which makes manual intervention unnecessary. This means that a total of seven (!) train configurations are in service for show operation, and the staging yards permit train lengths of up to 1.70 m (which corresponds to over 200 metres in real-life operation).
Kay Schlegel has refined the layout in recent years with intricate detail work. A Swiss TT layout that’s well worth seeing!

Operator:  MEV, Thomas Dragon, 78244 Gottmadingen, Germany
Layout size: 3 x 3 m

TT Gauge: Layout Portrays the GDR in the 1970s and 80s

The TT layout recreates the German Reichsbahn in the GDR in the 1970s and 80s. It consists of a 2-track automatic main line with a replica of the concourse at Dresden Centre Station as its centrepiece. Up to 20 trains with a length of up to 1.60 metres can be displayed, depending on the setup variant. 2 branch lines lead away from the main station. The branch lines are operated in analogue mode. There’s a large maintenance depot for steam locomotives next to the main station. One section of the layout comprises a narrow-gauge railway based on motifs from Saxony in TT gauge.

Operator: MEC “Theodor Kunz” Pirna e.V., Michael Lipowski, 01796 Pirna, Germany
Layout size: 11 x 6 m

N Gauge: Module Layout with 2-Track Main Line and Single-Track Branch Line

Extensive and varied automatic train operation can be demonstrated on the 2-track modules with automatic block control. Manual operation is used exclusively on the single-track modules. Due to the great variety of function modules not only can a branch line be presented to the public, but rather lots of railroading fun as well such as the operation of sidings, shunting, train crossings and much more.

Operator: N-Bahn Freunde München, Manfred Baaske, 80999 Munich, Germany
Layout size: 18 x 10 m

H0 Gauge: Kirchberg / Baden

The segment layout is set in epoch III / beginning of epoch IV, and is not based on any concrete archetype. The centrepiece is the 7-track through station with its large maintenance depot including two turntables, the two roundhouses and the seven-stand rectangular enginehouse. A small local goods facility completes the ensemble of railway infrastructure. Steam and diesel locomotives and trains are used, which were typical during this epoch.

Operator: MEC Werkstatt 87, Claus J. Mielicke, 76297 Stutensee, Germany
Layout size: 21 x 6 m

H0 Gauge: Narrow-Gauge Line

A narrow-gauge line, like those found previously all over Saxony, is depicted.

It includes transfer station “Buschhausen” – from standard gauge to narrow gauge (and back) – an en-route stop at a “mine house” for meeting and passing, and railhead station “Hohendorf”.

Operator: Museumsbahner Freiberg, Helmod Buschman, 09599, Freiberg/Saale, Germany
Layout size: 10 x 4 m

H0 Gauge: “Momo-Calzalunga” Mountain Railway Station

Digitally and analogue controlled Austrian, Italian and German trains run in the electrified station with operations “as in the Brenner Pass”. Epoch: IV/V. Old and new locomotives, double traction and replenishment can be viewed. A short H0e line based on the Laas Marble Railway serves as the icing on the cake. However, exact replication of the archetype and strict rules were dispensed with in favour of creative freedom. Children’s highlight: gummy bear train which is unloaded with an excavator. This is accompanied from time to time by gritty digital live sound (via the stereo system). The 5 x 1 metre living room layout has been exquisitely detailed – for photographic purposes as well – and there are numerous “covertly built-in background scenes” for discovery by the attentive viewer. It was presented at an exhibition for the first time 25 years ago. Details have since been gradually added and refined.      

Operator: Jochen Wittfoth, 86551 Aichach, Germany
Layout size: 6 x 3 m

H0 Gauge: Model Railroading and Transportation History by Hagen von Ortloff

Together with Lutz Mäder and Stephan Kraus, popular celebrity moderator Hagen von Ortloff of the well-known television series “Eisenbahn-Romatik” will present a show layout set in the 1950s and 1960s entitled “Model Railroading and Transportation History”.

Trolley buses produced by Esslingen-based EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG in the 1950s and 1960s (production of which was taken over subsequently by BRAWA GmbH & Co. KG) are operated on this layout. A highly modern monorail from the late 1950s manufactured by Schuco is also included on the layout, which was not very successful as a toy and is accordingly in demand and expensive today. Trams make their rounds on the other side of the layout: a Stuttgart tram made by Gogtram in Ulm and a Dresden tram from Dresden manufacturer BeKa. These are further augmented by a cable car from EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG and a cable car from BRAWA GmbH & Co. KG. The cable railway from BRAWA is the highlight and centrepiece of the layout.

The railway, which links up all of the other vehicles and runs around the layout’s periphery, comes from model railway manufacturer Märklin in Göppingen, Germany. The railroads, mainly from the 1950s, rattle along the metal tracks – some with middle rails. Buildings from tradition-rich companies Faller, Vollmer and Kibri are also included – the legendary “Villa in Ticino” deserves special mention in this regard, which has been sold more than 400,000 times in four decades. The Elbe from its headwaters to its estuary, depicted on picture postcards, some of which are over a hundred years old: 110 images, somewhat enlarged and joined together to form a zigzag, create a colourful background with a length of more than 20 metres.

Operator: Hagen von Ortloff, Lutz Mäder and Stephan Kraus
Layout size: 11 x 5 m

Z Gauge: Z Gauge – Small Railway Making it Big

Z-Freunde International will present several Z gauge model railway layouts which are well worth seeing and will be happy to answer any questions and provide information during Faszination Modellbau Friedrichshafen.

Further details concerning the Z gauge layouts to be exhibited will follow in the coming weeks.

Operator: Z-Friends International, Mr. Sylvester Schmidt, 81827 Munich, Germany
Layout size: 10 x 7 m


You’ll find photographs of the model railway layouts on our website, which can be used free of charge for your reportage.


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